My Hero Kurt Cobain

Don't have nothing for you. Sell the kids for food. Distill the life that's inside of me. Your scent is still here in my place of recovery

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Anonymous asked: What's your fave nirvana song?

I love them all so much but I think my favorite would have to be
You know You’re Right. 

Thanks you for the ask, have a good one :)

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I was just wondering what makes you love Kurt so much? :)

Well there are a lot of reasons.
Mainly the kind of person he was.
He cared so intensely and stuck up for people who didn’t have a voice.
(lgbt, rape survivors, women’s rights, etc.)
He was crazy talented with his music and art. Inspired me to make my own music. 
The way he never gave up on his dreams of being a musician even when times were really rough and barely had food to eat.
I can just relate to him a lot (with depression and his other ailments, being homeless for a time, his parents divorce, being misunderstood & what not.) 
He was just a really great funny person. 

Thank you for the ask, have a good one anon!

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lionsharx asked: literally thank you for having your blog just cus im so so happy that i found it // your blog is amazing

Thanks! & no problem. I love running this blog. :)

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