My Hero Kurt Cobain

Don't have nothing for you. Sell the kids for food. Distill the life that's inside of me. Your scent is still here in my place of recovery

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I am doing a project in school, which is named "A way to success". I think, that I could talk about Kurt, I love his personality So can you tell me how Nirvana got famous? And what more I can tell?Thank for your answer p.s. sorry for my english

Well with Nirvana they didn’t even really mean to get that famous. They said it “just kind of happened over night.” They practiced and played a lot of shows and before they knew it, people were singing their songs in the crowd.

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Anonymous asked: On April the 5th I wore black clothing because if felt like Kurts funeral. I was really sad but my mum made fun of me because of the black. she says she understands my love to him but she obviously doesn't. it hurts so much.. besides perfect blog ♡

I guess it is just hard for some people to understand. My family pretty much thinks I am a weirdo for loving Kurt and Nirvana so much. 
I hope all is well with you, anon.

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mind-gone-numb asked: How do you get all these photos? Btw, your blog is one of my all time favourites!

Oh just around ;)

and thank you! 
Have a good one

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